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Shawn McGuan
United States
Editorial illustration, comic book art, graphic design, the back of a photocopied piece of paper, a bar napkin, whatever... I'm pretty much always drawing. And if I'm not, I'm thinking about what I should draw later.

Professionally I have a few editorial illustrations under my belt, and I have penciled (and on occasion inked) several comic books for companies like Moonstone Books, Markosia and Monkeybrain Comics. Including:

Lai Wan #1 - pencils
Airboy and the Air Fighters #1 & 2 - pencils and inks on the Airboy chapters

Smoke & Mirror (vol.1 no. 5) - pencils
Project Eon (issues 2 &3) - pencils

BOO! (Issue 2) "The Night The Dead Rocked Texas" - Pencils, Inks, Colors

Current Residence: Illinois
Operating System: Mac


Dani Moonstar by mcguan
Dani Moonstar
Fun Fact: If you look around for which costume best represents Dani Moonstar, you'll discover that she's had roughly 18,000 different costuming iterations over the past 30+ years. So I just kind of aimed for the middle and came up with my own take too. So now it's 18,001. Anyhoo, I loved the New Mutants to pieces back in the day and she was one of my favorites. That "Demon Bear" storyline? Dang, that's good comic booking right there.

Pitt Pens, Adobe Photoshop 5.5 with a hint o' Illustrator
The Fury by mcguan
The Fury
Today marks the last Hellboy story from Mike Mignola for the foreseeable future. I have to believe he'll return some day, but it feels like the end of an era.

This is a piece I drew in ink and Copics of the big red guy's lady Alice Monaghan for Inktober. I added the Hellboy figure and threw some color on yesterday.
May the 4th by mcguan
May the 4th

Happy May the 4th and all that. It you follow me on Tumblr, it's pretty obvious I'm borderline obsessed with Daisy Ridley's face. It's an elusive one to capture, at least for me. This version probably ended up the best of my attempts, but it's also unfortunately a pretty straight forward take on a promotional shot from FORCE AWAKENS. Eh, guess that gives me another excuse to keep trying.

Cool and Warm Grey Copics, Prismacolor pens, white colored pencil on smooth Strathmore bristol board.

The Hangman and The Prisoner by mcguan
The Hangman and The Prisoner
Kurt Russell and Jennifer Jason Leigh from Tarantino's "The Hateful Eight," rendered in Prismacolor Pens, Warm Gray Copics and Uni-ball Signo white pen.
Rogue by mcguan

I felt like drawing someone in a hood, so Rogue it is.

I drew this sometime last year during some rare downtime, and when I sat down to color this one and try out a few new techniques I realized how rusty I was on the old ones. This past year has been crazy busy with a new house, new baby and all that yadda yadda and after finishing some commission work for some long-suffering clients, I’m finally getting to a point where I can start knocking out some new pieces, hopefully. I think it’s been going on a year since I did much color work. Time to shake those cobwebs.

PITT Pens, Adobe Photoshop CS5.5

Hey there Deviants - I just wanted to give a heads up for anyone who watches my page that might be interested, we are giving away a piece of original art I did from the latest issue of Monkeybrain's "BOO! Halloween Stories." All the details (and a look at the art) are at this link on my Tumblr page. This is an extension of the original contest, where we printed the wrong email address like a buncha boneheads. So as a mea culpa, I threw in a bonus sketch for the contest winner. Check it out and thanks for watching!


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thanks, bud
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Thank you very much for the watch! I hope you enjoy seeing my new work!
whiteperegrine Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2015
absolutely love the vintage vibe on a lot of the pieces you have done.  you should post more...or even better, take commissions!  :D
mcguan Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2015
Thanks - I'm working on posting more soon-ish. And I DO take commissions actually. Just a little backed up at the moment.
whiteperegrine Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2015
No worries!  Makes me happy that you do take commissions as I will definitely be contacting you when you are not so swamped.  I really like the look you have going on.  it's refreshing as you don't see it all that often...or at least I don't.  heh

either way, keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing more!  :)
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